Developer! Developer! Developer! or DDD is a conference tailored specifically for developers (who would have guessed?) to network and enhance their skills - get them thinking out of the box and avoid the 'this is the way we've always done it' mentality. This year it was held at the University of Hull, so I went along and had my mind blown by some of the speakers at the event.

Photo @DDDNorth

Here are some of the talks given at the event, and some media to boot!

1. Office 365 as a Development Platform by Dylan Haynes

Dylan Haynes giving his presentation, photo by Deejay Graham

2. Debugging with Git by Luke Stringer

If you want to know more I recommend taking a read of the git bisect documentation here:— Luke Stringer (@lukestringer90) March 2, 2019

There is also a good chapter on Debugging with Git in the official Git documentation:

Fun fact - the code that it uses in its example is actually Objective-C!— Luke Stringer (@lukestringer90) March 2, 2019

3. Making SonarQube work for you by Peter Roberts

Slides from my talk at #DDDNorth yesterday on "Making SonarQube Work for You" are now up on SpeakerDeck:— Peter Roberts (@sarkimedes) March 3, 2019

4. Confessions of a Tech Lead by Adam Griffiths

Doodle by Deejay Graham

Thank you so much @deejaygraham @DDDNorth and @a1lvh you’ve made an amazing momento of my first real public speaking experience!— Adam Griffiths (@ArdLiath) March 7, 2019

5. Functional C# by Simon Painter

For those of you that saw me speak recently at @DDDNorth or @CraftyCodersUG I've finally uploaded my source code to @github along with some extra cuts - my ongoing attempt to complete this year's @AdventOfCode entirely in #functionalcsharp :— Simon Painter (@madSimonJ) March 4, 2019

6. Adopting Vertical Slices by Jon Hilton


Source Code Examples

7. Building microservices on the Kurbernetes platform by Shahid Iqbal.

8. Dev Ops and microservices better together by Sean Farmar

9. Azure functions and container instances by John Staveley

10. Air Quality, LoRA & Azure functions by Rob Miles

Robs short post about the talk:

Slides here:

Photo @pete_codes
Photo @pete_codes